(Repost) Attention Rowers - A word about our oars.

Sunday, November 18, 2018 7:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The oars are set up to work best with certain boats. Most of them are labelled as being "24" or "21" meaning they go best with the MAAS 24s or the MAAS 21s (also known as "Aeros"). The difference is the amount of overlap with the handles you will experience. You are free, of course, to use whichever oars you prefer with the type of boat you row but it may be helpful to know that they have been set up with respect to the "button" to provide a reasonable amount of overlap depending on whether you are using a 21 or a 24. The distance between the pins is different with each type of boat.

The Coffey shell takes oars set up for the 24s.

All the oars are labelled WRPC with the exception of two sets. One of those are the colorful red and white hatchets that are upstairs and go with the 21 up there. The very ugly white on black hatchets downstairs were really some of our best oars and were set up to go with the 24s. Unfortunately someone has treated them roughly and hit rocks or whatever with them so they are now kind of beat up.

The new hatchets downstairs are labelled WRPC but do not show a 21 or 24. See what you think about the set up on these and let me know. They probably should be set up for the 21s since we have three of those boats.

Finally, the new hatchets upstairs that have some initials on them that are not WRPC are not club oars and you should not use them.

The Board just approved purchase of the new oars. They cost about $500.00 so let's take good care of them.


- Larry Tobiska, Sept. 28, 2012
  WRPC Treasurer

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