Crew shells - 2 eights and 1 four

Our Boats

Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club has many boats of various types available for club members and their guests to use. Here is an extensive list (photos by Dominick Bonny of Strategically Social):

Annex Boathouse

Name: Double Kayak OK-2    Color: Light blue    Space:A-01B

Light blue OK-2 boat

Name: Shearwater SS-1     Color: White/red      Space: A-02C



Name: Malcolm Shell 18-2  Color: Green/white   Space: A-03G

malcolm shell


Name: Coffey Shell 1      Color: Black/white    Space: A-01a

coffey shell


Barn Boathouse


Name: Eskimo OK-1         Color: White/blue         Space: 42

eskimo ok-1


Name: Huki Outrigger     Color: Blue shades   Space: 25

huki outrigger canoe


Name: Maas sculls             Color: White         Spaces: 10-13


Name: Aero Shell 1      Color: White        Space: 21

aero shell 1


Name: Futura        Color: White         Space: 2A

futura ss-2

Name: Mako xt ss-1       Color: Lime green          Space: 2B

mako xt ss-1

Name: Aleut OK-2         Color: Blue/white            Space: 3

aleut ok-2

Name: Jensen C-2               Color: Brown              Space: 4

jensen canoe

Name: Seda OK-1     Color: White/black trim     Space: tbd

seda ok-1

Name: Scupper OK-1        Color: Orange          Space: tbd

scupper ok-1

Name: Scupper Kid-1            Color: Red           Space: floor

scupper kid-1

Name: Blade SS-1                Color: Black              Space: 5

blade ss-1

Name: Prijon OK-1           Color: Red            Space: 9

prijon ok-1

Name: Solstice OK-1             Color: White              Space: 17

solstice ok-1

Name: Seal OK-1                Color: Purple                Space: 7

seal ok-1

Name: Futura SS-1               Color: White                 Space: 6

futura ss-1

Name: Solstice GT OK-1      Color: Blue/white        Space: 8

solstice gt ok-1

Name: Paddleboard I       Color: Light blue       Space: tbd

paddleboard no.1

Name: Paddleboard II       Color: White/blue     Space:tbd

paddleboard no. 2 

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